Product Overview

Azure Data Expert is a software utility allowing one to analyze and manage data stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud storage. The product provides the ability to synchronize files, upload and download data, analyze disk space usage, classify and categorize files, search duplicates, search files by the file type, name, extension, size and last modification date.

Azure Data Expert GUI Application

The main GUI application allows one to configure a number of Microsoft Azure storage accounts and provides the ability to create storage containers, upload and download data blobs, synchronize files, easily navigate the directory structure, perform various types of disk space analysis and data management operations, categorize and filter disk space analysis results, search files using sophisticated file matching rules and save multiple types of disk space analysis and file search reports.

Azure Data Expert Analysis Results

The user is provided with the ability to export disk space analysis, file search and file classification reports into a number of standard formats including HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV, XML and text. In addition, Azure Data Expert allows one to export all disk space analysis, file classification and file search reports to an SQL database.

Azure Data Expert Pie Charts

One of the most powerful and flexible capabilities of Azure Data Expert is the ability to pre-configure disk space analysis and/or data management operations as user-defined commands and then execute such command in a single mouse click. For example, the user can pre-configure a file synchronization command, specify the source and destination directories to synchronize, specify exclude directories, configure performance optimization options and then just double click on the command item to execute the file synchronization command when required.

Azure Data Expert User-Defined Commands

In addition to the main GUI application, Azure DEX Ultimate provides a command line utility allowing one to automate various types of disk space analysis and data management operations and integrate the product with user-custom scripts and batch files. The command line utility provides the ability to manage storage containers, upload and download data, synchronize files, analyze disk space usage, classify and categorize files, save various types of analysis reports, search files using flexible file matching rules and delete files.

Azure Data Expert Command Line Utility

Finally, the Azure Data Expert command line utility can be used to execute user-defined disk space analysis, file synchronization, data transfer and data management commands from user-custom scripts and batch files allowing one to integrate Azure Data Expert capabilities in user-specific solutions.