Azure Data Expert Product Versions

Product FeaturesFreeProUltimate
Maximum Number of Files1 M10 M50 M
Maximum Storage Capacity1 TB10 TB50 TB
Maximum Storage Accounts11050
Maximum User-Defined Commands11050
Disk Space Analysis OperationsYesYesYes
File Classification OperationsYesYesYes
Duplicate Files Search OperationsYesYesYes
Data Upload OperationsYesYesYes
Data Download OperationsYesYesYes
File Synchronization OperationsYesYesYes
Data Snapshots OperationsYesYesYes
File Delete OperationsYesYesYes
User-Defined Snapshots CommandsNoYesYes
Rule-Based Analysis OperationsNoYesYes
Rule-Based Data Transfer OperationsNoYesYes
Rule-Based File Delete OperationsNoYesYes
Error and Status E-Mail NotificationsNoNoYes
Azure DEX Command Line UtilityNoNoYes
SQL Database IntegrationNoNoYes
Free $125 $250

* Product features, prices and license terms are subject to change without notice.