SQL Database Integration

Azure DEX Ultimate provides the ability to export disk space analysis, file classification and file search results to an SQL database allowing one to integrate Azure Date Expert with user-custom analysis and reporting tools. In order to be able to export results to an SQL database, the user needs to configure the ODBC interface to be used to export results to the database.

Azure Data Expert SQL Database Configuration

Press the 'Options' button located on the main toolbar, select the 'Database' tab, enable the ODBC interface and specify an ODBC data source, ODBC user name and ODBC password to use to connect to the database. Finally, press the 'Verify' button to test the configured ODBC database interface.

Azure Data Expert Export Results To Database

Once finished configuring the ODBC database interface, perform a disk space analysis, file classification or file search operation, select one or more results, press the right mouse button and select the 'Export To SQL Database' menu item. The user will be prompted to provide a name of the database table to export the selected results to and then the results will be exported to the specified database table.